Lemon Sherbet ICE By Dinner Lady



Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbets E Liquid 60ml

Welcome here to get a dose of sour sweet-goodness with Lemon Sherbets Dinner Lady. The inhales and exhales bring undertones of biting candied lemons mimicking your lovely sherbets that swirl around the tongue while quenching your thirst. The throat hit is smooth cooling and delightful with each puff, given that the flavor hints are well textured and balanced.

Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbets eLiquid available in a 60ml bottle with 70/30 VG/PG throat hit base will become your lovely vape treat to calm your head down and have you relaxed with every cloud you produce to chase.

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Candy, Ice

Bottle Sizes: 60ml

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

VG/PG: 70%VG / 30%PG

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